We help children in India born with clubfoot, to be free from a lifetime of disability.

We do this through the support of clubfoot clinics that are recognized and officially licensed by the Ministry of Health, in every state of India.

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Clubfoot is a deformity that twists the foot downward and inward, making walking difficult or often impossible. Left untreated, clubfoot leads to a lifetime of disability. While it cannot be prevented, the condition can be corrected using a relatively inexpensive treatment method called Ponsetti, which we offer free of charge to the families that we serve.


It is not known exactly what causes clubfoot, but it is indiscriminate and it’s not because of something the parents did. There is no known way of preventing clubfoot but it can be treated, at no cost to the family.


Clubfoot India UK works with local partner clubfoot clinics through a collaboration with CURE Clubfoot India, recognized as a provider of choice by the Ministries of Health of all 29 states in India.
We support the gold standard of clubfoot treatment called the Ponsetti method. Starting soon after birth, the initial process is the ‘treatment phase’ and involves weekly castings for a period of six to eight weeks. Usually, five to six plaster casts are needed to fully correct the alignment of the foot and ankle. At the time of the final cast, the majority of infants will need a minimally-invasive small outpatient procedure to lengthen the Achilles tendon.
For the next three months, we enter the ‘maintenance phase’ when children wear a foot abduction brace for three months, 23 hours per day. After this period, the children wear the brace at night time and at nap time until the age of five.
They can take their first steps on completely straight feet because of this early intervention and this relatively simple treatment method.


When a child is born with a disability in a lower-middle-income country like India, it is likely to be a cause of hardship and poverty.
A child with untreated clubfoot is often unable to walk to school and misses out on even the most basic education. Without schooling, opportunities to hold down a job and earn a living can be rare. A lifetime of hardship and poverty then follows. Sadly, children with a disability and their families are often seen as ‘cursed’. The mother and the child may be thrown out of their home or out of their communities. A lifetime of shame and hurt may follow. In some cases, the child may be abandoned or even killed.
But it does not have to be this way. Clubfoot is completely treatable and the condition can be fully corrected when the child is young. Treatment is being offered free of charge for all children and their families in India.


Clubfoot India UK was established by people who experienced first-hand the life-changing impact of providing quality clubfoot treatment for children in India.